I saw oyster mushrooms at the store and couldn't resist! All their delicate little flutes remind me of beautiful blue whales. After returning from a trip to China a few months ago where I feasted on all sorts of mushrooms whose names I don't know and can't imagine, I was ready for some more funky looking 'shrooms. Thankfully, the name refers to the appearance of the mushrooms, and not the taste or texture. The Chinese name, píng gū, translates as "flat mushroom." Not only are these guys super cute, they are also super friendly - they can be used in mycormediation. Nice word I know, quite the tongue tumbler, just meaning that these mushrooms can be used to reduce the contamination of soil and clean up after humans, in such cases as diesel oil spills.
The oyster mushrooms were definitely the star of the soup. They have a delicate taste, and were great paired with sauteed onions, big chunks of cabbage, and squares of rutabaga. I also threw in some garlic, white potatoes, and garbanzo beans.

After sauteeing the onions and garlic, I added the mushrooms on top and let them partially steam. Then I added vegetable broth, the other veggies, salt, pepper, and ginger. It was simple and delicious.

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