About Me

Cobbler is a food and craft blog with occasional posts on travel, restaurants, and good living. I use real food in daily life and like to explore the connections between our food choices and our bodies, our environment, and our world.

The name came about because I'm from the South where cobbler is a staple dessert. It also reminds me of cobbling together different passions and loves to create this thing we call life. The "du Monde" is a reference to the world because I love to travel, and do so for pleasure and for work.

Over the life of this blog, I moved from pescetarian to vegetarian to (still transitioning) vegan. This move is reflected in the recipes.

Other bits about me:

My black cat, Charlie, thinks I'm the best.
I work in the world of international nonprofits and refugee resettlement. Part of my work is facilitating community gardens for newly arrived refugees. The other part can be best be summed up as providing "immigration services."