Easter weekend, I took Good Friday off and hopped on a plane back to Georgia to visit family, friends, and my boyfriend (yeah, I know, long distance sucks). The day I left, a co-worker asked if the boyfriend cooks. Not at all. He does grill though (it's programmed in with the other guy things). But cooking, in the kitchen, with his lovely set of pots and pans that have never been used except once by

But of course, as soon as I said it, things in the universe started turning to prove me wrong. For at the moment these words were coming out of my mouth, my boyfriend was in Publix, getting strawberries and chocolate and coconut. These he coupled with my favorite wine for a very sweet surprise.
He even took pictures before we devoured them so I could put them on my blog. And made my cheeks hurt with laughter telling about his kitchen adventures, first with the chocolate (how to get it melted) and then with the coconut (can you put coconut with strawberries or will it taste funky? can you sprinkle it on or dip it in?) Thank goodness he's a coconut fan too, because those were the best! I suppose if the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman's is through her sweet tooth.

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Teanna said...

I have never thought of mixing strawberries and coconut but that sounds AWESOME! There are few things I love more than chocolate covered strawberries, but I think I'd love chocolate coconut covered strawberries even more! Delicious!