And Mango was it's name-o!

Yes, this more than slightly annoying little ditty has been playing through my head. But it doesn't take away from the fact that I looovvvee mangoes! I practically lived off mangoes for an entire month while backpacking through Southern Africa. I grabbed handfuls of the small, stringy kind off trees for the juice and the fruit. Love 'em. 
Thanks to Kelly of Baking with the Boys for this week's pick. It's a sweet bread filled with fresh mango, raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon, lime zest, ginger, and (I added) coconut. Living in Miami, I get to have mangoes a lot. I usually try to buy them from the local farmer's market on the weekend. Since I was out of town this past weekend, I settled for the grocery store mangoes. What did they have? The ones I think look like wooden shoes with funny little pointed toes. I'm not sure if there's anyone out there who can see the resemblance...but it's there.I got two mangoes and needed both to make two cups diced. This variety from Haiti is sweet and a little stringy. I don't mind the stringiness. I'm not very discriminating when it comes to mangoes; small, large, oval, shoe-shaped, stringy, sweet, green with chili pepper, it's all good. The stringiness was a little weird in the bread though, so I would probably opt for a less stringy variety next time. 
I definitely think this bread is kickin' and the perfect summer sweet alternative to heavier chocolate desserts. I also like fruit desserts in the summer months. I turned my bread out too soon, and a bit of the top stuck to the cooling rack. I used powdered sugar and coconut on top to cover up the resulting blemishes. But since that was the biggest mishap of this kitchen episode, I think it was a pretty good baking night. 
In the recipe, Dorie mentions that the bread is best the day after baking. I have mine covered now, sitting on the table just waiting for tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Your mango bread looks delicious. I love the powdered sugar on top.

Leslie said...

I never would have known you had sticking with the lovely dusting of powdered sugar and coconut, it looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your mango bread looks great! In the first picture, the mango chunk still looks fresh and juicy! Looks great with the topping too.

TeaLady said...

There are mangoes without strings??? No matter, good anyway. Bread looks just right. Coconut? - may try that next time.

Engineer Baker said...

Gorgeous! I can really only find the slightly stringy type of mango, but I actually didn't mind that little bit of extra texture :)