Tuesdays with Dorie is in the Washington Post!

Do a little happy dance...

The Tuesdays with Dorie baking group is one of the online cooking communities highlighted in this Washington Post article written by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan, who is herself an avid food blogger. It is amazing how these online communities connect people of varying ages, disciplines, and locales, and inspire many to challenge themselves in all areas of life. In a world where food and food preparation is a critical and delightful element of culture, these online communities offer a virtual kitchen that each member can step into and share in the jokes, the disasters, and the experiences of others with similar tastes, despite distance, gender, age, etc. The list goes on, and further highlights the true value of these communities in offering an element of community that is often lost as we get in our individual cars to sit in a cubicle to drag home and watch TV: it allows people to connect in an environment that encourages attempts, does not ostracize for failure, and enthusiastically shares in success. It may start in the kitchen but the feeling of mastering (or at least managing) new things and the process of learning often adds support to other dreams and undertakings.

Thanks to all the Tuesdays with Dorie bakers out there, and a special shout-out to Laurie for getting the whole Baking-ball rolling and introducing me to the always sweet Dorie Greenspan!

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That's a great article. Thanks for posting the link!