Chocolate Explosion Cupcakes Birthday Cake

One of my very good friend's birthdays is in February. She and I have been friends for 14 years. I recently moved to the same city and one of the best things has been getting to hang out with her more. So when her birthday came around, I had two questions:
1) can I make your birthday cake?
2) what kind do you want?
Responses: Absolutely, chocolate.

So turned to Dorie Greenspan and made her Coco-Buttermilk Cake as cupcakes and topped them with her Caramel Chocolate Ganache. I made cupcakes figuring it would be easier for everyone to grab one than worry with cutting cake slices. I sprinkled some confectioners' sugar and chocolate chips on top. The guys at Las Margaritas can make excellent margaritas, and can light up a birthday (cup) cake and sing happy birthday with drums and some serious celebration.

I made the cupcakes and ganache the day before. The ganache is delicious! First you caramelize sugar in a little water with cinnamon, add cream and a little salt, and then add that to melt the chocolate. That is cooled and added to butter - lots of butter! I would actually decrease the amount Dorie indicates in the recipe because the ganache lost some of the lovely caramel chocolate taste. It was extremely hard to spread, so I put it in ziplock bags and piped it. Still very hard. It busted three bags, even after I beat with the mixer.

The cupcakes were good, though very dry. I think I might have overcooked them, following the time for the regular cake. Either way, it was chocolate explosion in every direction! Seriously festive.


Louise said...

Stacking the cupcakes and then piping the ganache looks great. Can't wait to try it myself.

Anonymous said...

That looks fun and delicious!