twd ~ Apple Apple Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is good. Many people think not, but if it's made right it's delicious! Made badly, it's soggy bread. Gross.

Armed with Dorie's Apple Apple Bread Pudding recipe, it wasn't difficult. It's not a quick recipe, because you have to let the custard soak into the bread, and then bake for over an hour. In the end, it was worth it. I think it could be a breakfast dish and dessert. I haven't yet tested out this theory, but there is a little left in the fridge so tomorrow morning will be a little sweeter.

I made one-third of the recipe, and used all 1% milk instead of whole milk and cream. It worked perfectly! Still very good and the proportions didn't seem thrown off by the reduction in servings as sometimes happens.

Thanks Elizabeth of Cake or Death? for a great pick this week!


Leslie said...

Look how puffy an d gorgeous this is! So made your way, I wouldn't be wracked with guilt if I ate a second piece? Definitely the way to go!

Katrina said...

Hey, great job. Love the look of it in that bowl!
Mine didn't work out too well, but I ended up with something yummy anyway.

Lauryn said...

I love how fluffy and golden the top of your BP looks! So glad you enjoyed this one -- I thought it was great too!!

Brent said...

OH MY!! That looks good Hun!!