twd ~ Honey Tuilles Disaster

This recipe has only four little ingredients - butter, brown sugar, maple syrup (I subbed honey), and flour. Simple means easy right? Wrong for me last night. So wrong.

I started by quartering the recipe. Math is not my forte and I was too lazy to use a calcular to find one-fourth of 1/3 cup + 1 Tb flour. So I guestimated and had really sticky dough. I added more flour and baked. I ended up with tiny round, cute little cookies that didn't look anything like Tuilles.

So I tried again, this time with less flour. You know what happened? They spread...and just for a second...looked like tuilles. Yes, I was watching through the glass door of the toaster oven. Then, before I could reach in, they burnt. I scraped off what I could and dumped it on a plate. Sad little hard ball.

Then I decided to go to bed, and try to conquer Tuilles another day. For the real thing, check out Hindy's blog Bubie's Little Baker.


Mary said...

Your experience sounds much like mine! I had problems both times I made them. Hope you got a good night's sleep, at least!

Clivia said...

So sorry these didn't go well for you. The full recipe only makes the smallest bowl of dough. You could freeze it and use as needed.
Thanks for baking along with me this week!

Jules Someone said...

Ugh. Sorry this one didn't go as planned. The full recipe really is tiny. Might be worth it. I'm happy/sad that I did because now I have more cookies to eat.

Karen said...

Bummer that these didn't turn out. They are on my list to make soon. I love the photo in the book. I have already baked my Apple Coconut Family Cake and will have it posted Tuesday! :)

Jaime said... least you tried! mine weren't perfect either but they were tasty. give it another try soon!