Knit Coffee Sleeve

Tuesday is one of my dearest friend's birthday. We've known each other since Kindergarten; accompanied each other through elementary, the wider halls of middle school, the exciting times of high school, and even into the dorms at college. Everytime we get together there is so much to talk and laugh about that we usually end up having lunch for four hours, or closing down the coffee shop.

As a little gift, I made this coffee sleeve. She's a Starbucks fan. Seriously. She's there everyday, and even attended her favorite barista's wedding.

It's a simple horseshoe cable pattern with a knit border. This is my first cable work, and was surprisingly easy (and quick). Here's the pattern:

CO 20 sts
Row 1: k20
Row 2: k4, p12, k4
Row 3: k20
Row 4: k4, p12, k4
Row 5: k4, c6b*, c6f**, k4
Row 6: k4, p12, k4
Row 7: k20
Row 8: k4, p12, k4
Row 9: k20
Row 10: k4, p12, k4

Repeat 10 rows until you reach the desired size, i.e. the circumference of the cup. BO and stitch ends together.

*c6b = slip 3 sts to cable needle, hold to back, k3 then k3 from cable needle
**c6F = slip 3 sts to cable needle, hold to front, k3 then k3 from cable needle

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Unknown said...

Hi, nice pattern. What size of needles and type of yarn did you use. Tia.