twd ~ Honey Nut Brownies

Thanks to Suzy of Suzy Homemaker for this week's pick!

These brownies are all about the honey!
The honey makes them very dense and very sweet. It overplays the chocolate a bit. I used pecans for the nuts, and loved them. You definitely need nuts in these.
These were good straight out of the oven, but better the next day when the flavors seemed to have mixed and mellowed a bit more.


Clivia said...

Your brownie looks dense and delicious. Nicely done!

Nicole said...

Yours look gooey like mine. I think I should have baked them more but they're still pretty good.

Tia said...

they look really moist! great job.


Flourchild said...

I SO agree......much better then next day!! They look great...Im glad you liked them!

spike. said...

those look pretty delish, I love a recipe that tastes better the next day