Something take my hunger away please!

I've been constantly hungry lately. I don't know why, and I'm not very happy about it. I like feeling satisfied with good food, and as much as I love eating, I don't actually want to do it all the time. Plus, I don't really want to gain weight. I would prefer the scale to move in the opposite direction.

So I considered what I had been eating and thought I might need a power meal...or actual food. Something with lots of good things in it, and didn't come in the shape of a bar or its own bowl. I was craving sweet potatoes, so I started there, slicing them and putting them in the over until almost done. They were easily punctured, but needed another five minutes or so to be completely tender.

While these were baking, I put on a pan of black-eyedpeas with some sundried tomatoes, salt and pepper. I added some frozen spinach because a healthy meal needs something green right?

I diced the sweet potatoes and added them, cooking for about 15 minutes to give the potatoes a chance to finish cooking and all the flavors to blend.

To finish, I added some hard cheese and devoured. I'm not sure it helped the hunger in the long run, but it certainly was good.

As I'm writing this post, I can't help but think of the situation in Somalia, and all the people seeking refuge from the famine in places like Dadaab, Kenya. God bless the women and children who are walking hundreds of miles in search of life sustaining nourishment. The organization I work for has a prescence in Dadaab, and the reports are heart wrenching but hopeful.

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