Wisconsin Colby Cheese

A friend of mine had a layover in Atlanta over the weekend. His trip started in Wisconsin, where his brother just moved, and included touring cheese farms and discovering why Wisconsians wear cheese hats. I went to the airport to hang out with him during his layover. Not the most glamourous setting, but it was great seeing him.

And I got a little cheese out of it. Wisconsin Colby Jalapeno cheese to be exact. It was wrapped in a bag in his carry-on, and was mistaken for a C4 explosive by TSA at security. The TSA woman swabbed it and everything. Thankfully, it was just cheese. Although it may cause explosions in some people, it wasn't going to blow up the plane.

I also learned a new little fact. Colby cheese is colby cheese because it was created in Colby, Wisconsin. It reminds me of Vidalia onions, which come from Vidalia, Georgia. The European Union has protected food names. Part of it protects the product and the producer, and part of it helps consumers know what it is they are consuming. Not a bad idea I think.

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