Banana Pudding Cupcake @ Sugar Moon Bakeshop

I dragged my sister to Oakhurst the other day, specifically to McKoy Park to check out the skate park. It's the only one in Atlanta that I can find that allows BMX bikes. The lovely, new and shiny park on the Beltline in Old Fourth Ward doesn't.

My sister is a sport. I swear she rolled her eyes at least once, but she came with me to explore. I don't ride BMX bikes, but I dream about it. I love watching them defy gravity. Everytime I catch X-treme Games, I'm glued to the TV.

It was a little anticlimatic, until we found these cupcakes. The skate park had a handful of teenage boys on boards so we decided to check out the shops around Oakhurst square. And what did we find there - Sugar Moon Bakeshop!

This is their best seller - Banana Pudding Cupcake.

Look - there's pudding inside! That was a very nice surprise.
Their coffee was also really good.

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