Golden Shoes!

PEDS, a pedestrian advocacy org in Atlanta, just came out with their Golden Shoe Awards.
*Clapping* and *dancing* for the BeltLine Eastside Trail (Pedestrian-friendly Trail) and Atlanta Streets Alive (Pedestrian-friendly Event)!

2012 Golden Shoe Award winners: (from

Pedestrian-friendly Policy Change: Georgia Department of Transportation, for adopting a Complete Streets Policy that requires new transportation projects to serve all transportation modes.
Pedestrian-friendly Trail: City of Atlanta, for building the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Traila  combination of multi-use trail and linear greenspace in the old rail corridor running from Piedmont Park to Inman Park.
Pedestrian-friendly Events: Atlanta Streets Alive, a recurring event organized by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition that encourages cyclists and people on foot to take back and enjoy Atlanta’s streets.
Pedestrian-friendly Traffic Operations: City of Roswell, for installing Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, a low-cost device that has dramatically increased driver compliance with crosswalk laws near Centennial High School.
Pedestrian-friendly Journalism: AJC reporter Jeremiah McWilliams, for bringing attention to Atlanta’s decaying sidewalk infrastructure and to rising pedestrian fatalities in Georgia.
Pedestrian-friendly Research: Urban Land Institute Center for Leadership, for research exposing inherent cost inefficiencies in Atlanta’s sidewalk maintenance program.
Pedestrian-friendly Activism: Brookwood Hills Neighborhood Association, for inventorying sidewalk conditions, working with the City of Atlanta and private contractors and raising sufficient funds, to repair over 3000 linear feet of curbs and sidewalks.
Pedestrian-friendly Suburban Retrofit: City of Duluth, for installing a roundabout and sidewalks that are encouraging increased walking.
Pedestrian-friendly Public Art: Living Walls, an ongoing program bringing artists to Atlanta to paint attractive and intriguing murals throughout the City.

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