Star Tree Topper

This is my first Christmas tree - the very first of my own in my own apartment. My mom, sister, and I piled in the car the first weekend in December and brought back this beautiful tree tied to the top of my car. My mom has been buying us each ornaments since forever so I have plenty. Lights were purchased and strung. But the tree topper - that needed to be special.  

It had to be a star. Nothing else would do. I like the angels and the bows, but I love starts. 

I  got a piece of foam board and cut out a start. I didn't use a pattern so it's not perfect, but I wanted it a little free form.

Then I took yarn and wrapped it. I tried to keep it single strand all the way around until it was completely wrapped. I tied it in the back. 

You could use a hot glue gun, but I thought it would be nice to reuse the yarn later for something else and create a new topper next year. Hey, I might have my first tradition.

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