Brussels Sprouts

Last year was the first time I ever really ate brussels sprouts. I was at a work conference in New York, trying to find where on the lunch table lay the vegetarian food and trying to snatch it up before the carnivores got it. Among a platter of roasted red peppers and onions were round green vegetables. I popped a few, and had to go back for seconds. And thirds. I was surprised to find out that this little vegetable I loved was a brussels sprout. I was equally surprised to see them poking up on stalks at my local Trader Joe's. The most surprise, however, came when I googled "brussel sprouts" to find out they are actually "brussels sprouts." The two "s" merge, as French words often do, to form one.

Since finding them on a stalk, I've eaten them steamed with couscous, stir-fried with other veggies and tofu, and roasted. Anyway made and anyway spelled, these little things are totally pop-able and totally good for you.

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