A few times this winter, I have found myself at home, curled up in a chair, craving hot chocolate. Real hot chocolate, not reconstituted powder. The kind that is the favorite drink of a little detective named Hercule Poirot. One little problem - I'd never made real hot chocolate before. The first night, I experimented with 12 Hershey kisses and half a cup of milk, melting the chocolate in a double boiler and then adding in milk and a half pinch of salt. It was quite good and definitely satisfied my craving...for the next 48 hours or so.
It was a timely experiment because later that week a Colombian friend made hot chocolate and gave me a few pointers. I found Goya chocolate at Publix (this is Miami) and followed the instructions with the ratio of one chocolate finger to 3/4 cup of milk. I added a little salt and cinnamon for depth and drank away to utter delight. Yum! The only problem now is how to keep this from becoming a nightly habit.

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Melissa said...

It's so funny that I sent you that before I'd seen this! I guess maybe you do need it in Miami... at least if you have as much of a sweet tooth as we do ;-)