I brought back bag of Honeysuckle tea from China. I was enticed by memories of sucking on honeysuckle blossom stems as a child. Biting off the green end and hollowing out the buds of baby blossoms and tasting the sweet nectar that rivaled the smell of the adult blooms. The tea itself looks pretty neat, with little heads that waft on the steaming water. But the tea taste is actually not sweet at all; very earthy. I've taken multiple sips thinking...now what is that taste... Obviously it's honeysuckle, but it's a throaty taste, located somewhere on the back of my tongue. I like it a lot, and it was a nice surprise once my tongue was reconciled to the fact that it's not sweet and isn't going to be sweet, regardless of whether the sip is small or large, piping hot or room temp.

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