Basil Ice Cream

Topping my wish list has been a cute, easy ice cream maker. One that doesn't require hand turning like my Granny's, or lots of rock ice and overseeing like my mom's. Something that is sleek and easy (did I already say that?) and would make yummy ice cream.

Enter my fabulous sister with my birthday present - the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker I had been eyeing in Williams Sonoma! The one that David Lebovitz recommends on his blog, though I didn't know that until after it was purchased. I was *very excited.

The first ice cream made had to be Basil Ice Cream. Yeah, yeah, join in the skeptical remarks my mom and boyfriend made: what color will it be? herb ice cream? I don't know if that sounds very good. Hello people, mint is an herb used in ice cream and very popular. Basil is awesome in everything! I had gotten a bunch at the farmers' market and searched recipes to use it. Up popped Basil Ice Cream.

Also for my birthday, I received The Perfect Scoop, Chez Pannisse Vegetables, and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. (I'm a lucky girl.) The Perfect Scoop had a lovely Basil Ice Cream recipe with lots of cream - 2 cups to be exact. Normally I might substitute part low-fat milk, but not on my birthday weekend. Full fat and celebration.

I watched the ice cream maker turning, quietly hardening the cream. It was a beautiful color and the taste was sweet and refreshing. The basil taste came through a little more the second day, but wasn't as strong as I had thought it might be. It was quite balanced with the richness of the cream and the sweetness of the sugar. My mom had to eat her words because she loved it.

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margot said...

What awesome birthday presents! Basil ice cream sounds like a great flavor to inaugurate the new maker with.