TWD: Flaky Apple Turnover

Yay - it's apple season! I can't wait to get some Stamen Winesaps from North Georgia! This week's TWD pick by Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen is partly responsible for the renewed apple season excitement. These little turnovers are like hand pies that get better each bite.
I get a little anxious when recipes call for chilling time in the frig. It means I have to plan ahead and I usually don't get the goods out of the oven at a decent time. Of course, I can't resist sampling things right out of the oven so I end up having a past midnight snack.

These little babies call for two chilling sessions. I actually read ahead this week and prepared the dough a little beforehand. They did end up being a midnight snack though, because I had to run to the store to get apples. Oh well, they were definitely worth the wait and more. So scruptious!
The dough was a bit crumbly and sticky at the same time; a little difficult to work with and mine had bits of butter. It didn't seem to matter one bit. I halved the recipe, making 11 pies (my circle was smaller than the prescribed, just 4 inches instead of 4.5). I overloaded some of them a bit, and had a few messy pies. I think it added to the charm of these little turnovers.

Instead of being perfect puffs lined up and primped with sugar crystals like at bakeries the worldover, my turnovers ended up being a hot mess. Juice running out, distorted half moon shapes. For some reason, it seemed to fit them, and reminded me of other fall treats - fairs and harvest festivals, and being outside in the crisp air. It screamed - pick me up, forget the fork! And it was perfect.


Megan said...

MMMM - crunchy little bites of goodness. I filled ours with chocolate because, well, everything is better with chocolate!

Jules Someone said...

Ok, that looks really yummy. I'm sad now that ours are all gone. Thanks for baking with me!

margot said...

The turnovers look great, it was the perfect recipe to kick off the start of apple season! I have made the mistake of not thoroughly reading recipes in advance and not knowing about chill time, it definitely makes for some late baking.