Bloody Brownie Eyes

Say hello to my little friend...and his bloody brownie eyeballs!

I've been searching online for Halloween food ideas. Some are very scary and not at all appetizing. A pumpkin puking something I'm supposed to dip a chip into does not appeal to me. I prefer much sillier fright factors.

I saw many eyes. Made of eggs, made of olives, made of bread. Why not brownies? Dipped in white chocolate, with chocolate chip irises and red food coloring veins? Move over Van Morrison, here comes Brown-Eyed Ghoul.

To the peanut butter and jelly kids song:

First you take the brownies and you roll them, you roll them, you roll them roll them roll them.

Then you take the balls and you dip them, you dip them, you dip them dip them dip them.

Singing, Bloody, Brownie eyeballs with veins! Bloody, Brownie eyeballs with veins!

These are super easy to make. Just bake your favorite brownie recipe and almost completely cool. Cut into squares and roll each square into a ball. Let these cool completely. You can even let them sit over night in a sealed container. When ready, dip the balls into melted white chocolate, leaving a circle on top free of chocolate. Let these cool completely before marking them with red food coloring. I used a skewer to dip in the coloring and then draw on the chocolate.
They can be scary all together - or really cute on a pumpkin head!

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TeaLady said...

Scary!! Wonderful, but scary.