The Grit Split Pea Dal & Old-Time Grit Buns

This weekend was exhausting. It was fun with a trip to the pumpkin patch, decorating, and shopping. But one of those where you're more tired on Monday morning than Friday afternoon.

Comfort food was called for, and I had been thinking of Split Pea Dal all afternoon. Not just any, but the one my sister makes from The Grit Cookbook.

The Grit is a fabulous little vegetarian restaurant on the edge of downtown Athens, GA. It has great atmosphere, delicious food, great brunch, and beautiful cakes and desserts. Athens was the first place I lived that had a range of vegetarian-friendly eating places, and I loved it.

In order for it to be a real comfort meal, it had to have carbs. Thumbing through The Grit Cookbook, the Old-Time Grit Buns caught my eye. These are lovely, easy yeast rolls with regular flour, whole-wheat flour, and cornmeal. Even the cat couldn't get enough!

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