Atlanta Cupcake Scene: Take One ~ Atlanta Cupcake Factory

I've searched a few times for bakeries close to me, usually when I'm out and needing a treat & the day seems more special than Starbucks. Usually the bakeries are closed, sadly operating on a skewed early day schedule. On the Saturday before Mother's day, my mom was picking me up on the way up to my grandmother's. Treats are always good when traveling so I did another Google search and out popped....Atlanta Cupcake Factory!

Just reading the flavor combinations on their website sold me! The plan was to get two and split with my mom, but standing in front of the display case, all the pretty choices melted any willpower. Plus, the cupcakes were on the smaller side so four didn't seem like too many. (Ha!) The final choices were strawberry, coconut-almond (the fave of the lady filling my box), sugar cookie with salted caramel icing (best seller), and chocolate peanut butter. Would you be surprised if I said all of them were delicious? They were. The strawberry should be a summer hit - real strawberries folks. I will definitely be back to try the others.

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