Egg Cream in Brooklyn

I just got back from a short, wonderful trip to NYC. It was a business trip with meetings on Monday and Tuesday, so of course I went up early and spent some wonderful time with my sister and her boyfriend.

I decided to venture out of Manhattan and into Brooklyn for the first time ever, and my sister and I did it right - by walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a nice little walk, and we completely lucked out on the other side when we happened upon the Jack the Horse Tavern. Thanks to my Droid, we found not only a clean bathroom, but also a nice place to grab drinks.

After rambling around a bit more and having a wonderful dinner at Wild Ginger, we found our way to Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain. So cute! I will have to go back on a Sunday just for Sticky Bun Sunday. Hot sticky buns = yum! This time, though, I went total tourist, and got an Egg Cream.

I was a little worried by the name. I'll eat them scambled, fried, baked, or boiled...but I don't want to drink an egg. Thankfully, there are no eggs in egg creams. No cream either, just chocolate syrup (or vanilla), milk, and seltzer water.

My sister got a coffee egg cream, and I got a traditional chocolate. They were both pretty good. It tastes (and sounds) like something I would have concocted in my mom's kitchen as a kid. Except this thing actually caught on with people.

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