Fried Plantains - Kelewele Style

Fried plantains are one of my ultimate comfort foods. Of course, I haven't been able to get it quite like I had in Ghana. The kelewele there was a mouth smashing hit! Kelewele is essentially spiced, deep fried ripe plantain. The best is found on the street, dished out in that day’s newspaper or yesterday’s magazine.

I tried my best though, and was pleased with the result this time. I’ve had to throw away attempts a few times before. This time I chopped fresh ginger, and put it in a bowl with some cayenne pepper and salt. Then I cut the ripe plantain in wedges and tossed the pieces in the spices. Plantains are similar to bananas and show they are ripe the same way, by getting darker and softer.

I fried some in a nonstick pan with no oil just to see if I could create a healthier version. Hmmm, no. Some things are just not the same. I guess it’s like trying to make a funnel cake with frying it, it just doesn’t work. So I poured in an inch of oil and fried those babies up. Yum!!!

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