Grilled Watermelon

Back in September, I prescribed myself a week at the Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison, Georgia. It was just the week away I needed! It was lovely and fun and absolutely relaxing. And the food...oh, it was heaven!

This was one dish that I just had to ask the owner about - grilled watermelon. So simple that it can be easily added to any grill-out and so delicious that it'll be a star! Plus, it's pretty.So what's the recipe?
Grilled watermelon wedges - they seemed to be lightly grilled on both sides, just enough for flavor but the middles were still fresh. The wedges were about 1/2 inch thick and the width of a small saucer.
Salad - greens! sprinkled on top of the watermelon.
Goat's cheese - sprinkled on top of the salad.
Balsamic reduction - Balsamic vinegar heated over medium heat until reduced and drizzled on top.

The combination of the sweet watermelon and balsamic, the salty cheese, and the crunchy greens is so genius. I ate two big slices!
This was another great dish - toasted pita with pan-fried feta and tomate on top, drizzled with herbed olive oil. Yum!

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