Blonde Redhead Show

I love music, but I tend to stick to my old favorites instead of searching out new tunes and rockin' up-and-coming bands. I know people who spend lots of time and energy finding awesome music, and it works for them because it's a passion that brightens their lives. I let them pass their wisdom on to me. I don't mind secondhand goodness.

So when my sister was going to be visiting for the weekend, and wanted to go see a band I'd never heard of before, I was in without a second thought. The band - Blonde Redhead. Nice name huh? I liked it, and the venue was great.

We got there a little late and a little stressed. Right before leaving, a full glass of water got accidentally spilled into my sister's boyfriend's laptop who is a grad student and had lots of hours and papers and whatnot inside. Who wants to go to a concert when the darn thing won't turn on and all might be lost? (Why are these things not waterproof yet?) But he handled it well, and we went off to catch what we could of the show. Best idea ever. It cheered everyone up a bit.

The music was ethereal in a way. The guitarist/singer and drummer are twins, which I didn't know until I noticed they both looked a lot alike onstage. It threw me at first, and had me wondering if the lights and stage were playing tricks on me. The female singer/guitarist was rockin. Her voice is very unique and crystal pretty. Although I couldn't understand a single word she sang, and for one song she donned an alien jellyfish mask. I think I needed to know the lyrics to understand that one.

Most of the songs were swaying tempo, but one was a complete rock-out. It was my favorite. Good show.

Since it was the Friday before Halloween, my sister and I painted our faces and sprayed our hair red and purple for the show. Such fun!

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