twd ~ Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake

This week's TWD pick is by Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen.

Thank you Jessica!

This dessert is definitely one that I would never have made on my own. It involves making a jam of cranberries, oranges, and sugar, and then putting that between two layers of shortbread. Sounds finicky. Plus, the name both intrigued and intimated me - Shortbread Cake...shortbread cookies I know, cake I know, what is shortbread cake?

It's delicious! And it's much simpler and easier than it sounded to me. I was even left thinking that this would be a great dessert to whip-up for guests at a dinner party. You are supposed to let the dough refrigerate for about 20 minutes or so. I didn't want to wait and only left it in about ten, and it still turned out wonderful.
I halved the recipe and put it in four ramekins. It was the perfect amount for all four. (Notice only three in the pictures? Alas, one didn't make it to photo-time.) The ramekin was the perfect thing to eat it in because the filling was a bit messy around the edges. The cranberries gushed out such a bright, beautiful color! This would be great for Christmas parties!


chocolatechic said...

What a brilliant idea making those in custard cups.

Flourchild said...

Love the ramekin idea! They all look perfect! Im going to make this again too with some apples and caramel inside!
I looked at your scarf too..jealous...:) It's so cute and you look adorable in it!

TeaLady said...

Love the little pots of pretty red yum!!

Cakelaw said...

I love your baby cakes, and you are right - served like this, they would be perfect fr a dinner party.

Katrina said...

I love that you made this in ramekins. Super good idea.

Jessica said...

Ooooh, as a singleton I just love it when I see people baking things in mini portions. Those ramekins are so pretty, and the individual version of this dessert looks like perfection. Thanks so much for baking along with me!