twd ~ Peanuttiest Blondies or Werewolf Balls

This week's pick promised to be delicious! It has lots of chunky pb, the batter tasted great, and it smelled so good baking...until it started burning. I made the blondies a week ahead, and put the batter in the freezer, planning to bake them the night my sister and her boyfriend flew in from nyc. The burning really threw a hitch in my plan.

So, I scraped off the burnt tops, and crumbled it into pieces. Then I made a caramel sauce with sugar and milk, drowned the blondie bits in it, and used the caramel to bind the bits into balls. Since it was just before Halloween, I called them Werewolf Balls. The name got an odd look, but guests had no problem finishing them off. Oh well, they turned out okay, but I'll definitely be trying the real recipe again soon!

For the recipe, check out Bakeologie by Nicole.


Nichi said...

Werewolf Balls!?! Hehehe... love it!

Thanks for burning... I mean baking along with me :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great save!

Peggy said...

It sounds like you recovered your blondies - werewolf balls. Love it. Sorry you burned them though.

Pamela said... certainly made the best out this "hairy" situation, didn't you? Great idea!