twd ~ Cornbread Shortbread Cookies

I've been utterly slack with twd lately. The weather has been perfect...that ideallyic time down South when he warm and breezy, before the humidity sets in. I made a resolution to make this week's selection regardless of how hard or time consuming. Thankfully it was neither. It was Monday night before I got around to making it, nothing like a deadline to light a fire under me, and didn't have a lemon or any citrus. Divergence one.

Monday after work. I had stopped for a quick workout at the gym, then booked it home for a quick shower before a friend picked me up. Since the dough had to chill, I decided to make it during the 30 minutes I had to get ready. I usually don't take very long, but that's stretching it a little. Hurrying, I accidnetally read the sugar amount for the cornmeal amount and dumped in twice as much cornmeal as needed. Divergence two.

To try and correct this, I added a couple of extra tablespoons of butter. Divergence three.

Hmm, I wasn't sure how these would turn out at all. I stuck the dough in the frig, in a nice little ziplock baggie, and crossed my fingers hoping for the best. Three hours later, I popped a few little squares in the oven; just a few for pictures and tasting. The rest of the dough will stay until Wednesday night, and get baked up for my sister's visit on Thursday.

These were delicious! Even with the extra cornmeal. I had two tasters and they both loved these. The cornmeal adds a lovely texture that adds that something I always find missing from shortbread. Added bonus - no eggs! No eggs = guilt free cookie dough :)

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