Baby Shower Onesie Sugar Cookies

It's starting...the babies are coming. First it was wedding bells, chiming every few months, until about half of my friends were married. They still chime, but since we've approached and hit thirty, it's much more of a slow affair.

Currently, two of my close girlfriends from high school are pregnant. It's a first for us. I am incredibly blessed with my high school friends. We have remained close over the years and distance, and each followed different paths. Now some are adding "mother" to their list of incredible undertakings.

For the past couple of months, I must have looked like a baby crazed woman! I checked out how to throw a baby shower books from the library, hit up the baby section in every Michael's, Party City, Target, and department store in the metro Atlanta area looking for way to ensure a great baby bash. At the end of the day it was fantastic, due to the wonderful people there and all the laughs we shared. The best was bobbing for nipples followed by decorating onesies and taking a Mommy IQ quiz.

For favors, I made sugar cookies cut like onesies and decorated with royal icing. I was a little nervous with the icing since it was my first time using royal icing to get a hard, glossy affect, but it couldn't have been easier. It was harder finding meringue powder to use, which I finally found at Michael's.

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