Backpacking Food

On Saturday, I'm heading out west.

I'll be in Arizonia for 6 days. Three nights will be at the Grand Canyon. We'll be taking the Hermit Trail and spending two nights in the canyon.

My last overnight hiking trip was several years ago, when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. We had an entire team of porters and guides excellent cook...who made the journey a lot less stressful and a lot more lively. Breakfast and dinner were hot meals served straight from the pot; lunch was a bagged affair that always included a candy bar. It was great.

This time, though, no cook. No porters. No guides. Just a backpack, a friend, and a travel stove. During my two hours shopping adventure at REI last night, I picked up a freeze dried package meal (Cheese Enchilada Rancho) and a dessert (Apple Cinnamon Streusel). The plan for the rest of the food is to go grocery shopping in Phoenix upon arrival and stock up.

But then the question arises, what to stock up on? What can be carried, is nonperishable and needs only a small heat source to be super tasty (cause this girl needs good food)? Thankfully, there are a few good blogs I've found for recipes and ideas. has been a great all-round resource for hiking in the Grand Canyon. At least, it has made me feel more prepared for the experience.

I'm looking forward to trying the freeze dried meal! It's a little like mixing potions and making mud pies!

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