Coconut Twix

On roadtrips, pit stops are definitely the most redeeming part for me.
It's a reason to go in and pick out a snack or a little treat for the road.
Heading to Slide Rock Park in Sedona, AZ, we stopped by a cute gas station and convenient store. Looking over their selection I saw something I hadn't seen before....coconut Twix!
I love the trend of candy companies now making coconut chocolate goodies! I love the coconut M&Ms, but my favorite has been the coconut cream Hershey Kisses! Too good. I devoured the bag in a week!

I know coconut is a love/hate item. I fall completely in the love category. One of the things I like most about the Kisses is that there is real shredded coconut inside. The M&Ms and Twix are coconut flavored.

We threw these into the cooler and munched on them before and after slipping and sliding around Slide Rock Park. This is a crazy place! Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of noise and laughing...a little too much for me at first, until I got in the water and started slipping around myself. I ended up with ripped shorts, a huge bruise on my elbow from a wicked fall, and a stitch in my side from laughing so hard. We ventured upstream and the walk paid off; we scampered over lovely rocks to a magnificent pool of water, perfect for diving off and coming up floating in the cold, clear water. Ahhh.

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