Blueberry Picking

It's summertime, which means berry picking! In high school, I would go down to the end of the culdesack and pick blackberries from the wild bushes. This year, I went berry picking in earnest. The Saturday before July 4th, I hopped in the car with two friends and headed out to the Hard Labor Creek Blueberry Farm in Social Circle, Georgia.

This is a family home and blueberry farm that is so well cared for and wonderfully welcoming. We picked for about an hour and I gleaned 9.5 pounds of blueberries! At just $1.65 a pound, I can afford the two monstrous bags I got.

It seems so extravagant to be able to open the refrigerator and grab a handful of berries for my cereal, yogurt, salad, afternoon snack, midnight snack.

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