twd ~ Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Muffins

This recipe could inspire a great debate - is it a muffin or a cupcake?

I meant to follow the recipe exactly, but I just can't seem to make it happen. Instead of using half the chocolate melted in the batter, I melted all of it and poured in. So when I got to adding the chunks, I had to reach back in the bag and add a little more. This is really chocolate chocolate chocolate chunk muffins.

I wonder if the added chocolate makes these even more cupcake like. My first reaction is that they are straddled between the two worlds, and not very satisfying as either. I added almonds on top to some, just for a little decor.

They are a beautiful color. I only got 11 out of the recipe because I purposefully made the first six big. I'm out of town for the 4th of July, and my cat is having a sleep over with the guy I'm seeing. My mom said this must mean he really likes me. I figured, just in case cat sitting is more than he expects, big chocolate muffin-cakes are in order.

Thanks to Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles for this week's pick! Head over to her website for the recipe.


Pamela said...

I hope he enjoyed the muffins! I almost added all of the chocolate melted, too. I wasn't paying attention at first!

Anonymous said...

They look nice with the almonds on top. A nice gift for a cat sitter!

Flourchild said...

Your muffins look so much like mine, minus the almonds. I wish I would have thought of that!
I hope you had a good trip!

Cindy said...

I like cupcakes much better than muffins! Your muffin/cakes look delish! More chocolate is always better. Have a great day.