Googie Burger in Centennial Park

I love to get on community listservs, especially ones from public places like libraries and parks. I know it's a little quirky, but I love community and people getting outside and enjoying each other and their environment. Every once in a while, the annoyance of getting an inbox full of generic emails pays off.

Like this past Wednesday. After work I headed down to Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta for their Wednesday WindDown outdoor concert series.

It was so packed in the amphitheater that we walked right through security and right back out to find a place on the lawn. By this time, we were laden down with yummy food and ready to start grubbing. Thanks to Scoutmob, I had heard of a little gem of a place, Googie Burger. They have spiked Twinkie milkshakes. Wow.

I presented the idea of a jazz concert to my friend and threw in that we could grab dinner down there. Truth be told, I wanted to use my Scoutmob at Googie Burger and found the concert as a great excuse. Both turned out to be excellent.

I got the Veg Out Burger, which is one of the best veggie burgers I've had in Atlanta. With all the gastropubs and burger boutiques around here, someone actually is doing a decent veggie burger! Go Googie Burger. I paired this with the peach shake - real peaches! - and stole some fries from my friend.

I learned something new as well, and that's how to say "Googie." It starts with goo, as in baby talk, and ends in gee. Each person who picks up there order is a Googie Guest.

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