Tuesdays With Dorie: KUGELHOPF

This is my very first TWD posting, and let me tell you, for the past eight hours or so I've been questioning what sort of thing I've gotten myself into. I am leaving the country for three weeks and so am doing three posts in as many days, plus packing, attending a friend's wedding, and not getting any sleep. But being part of a blogging community just seems so fun. And it will challenge me to make things I probably wouldn't otherwise...like this lovely bread which has a name beginning with K and ending with...whatever sound pf makes. The way I've been saying it, it's kind of a "pufff" sound. If anyone out there knows, please clue me in. I need help with the pronunciation!

I have blisters on my palms from cooking for the first time ever. Who knew a wooden spoon could be so dangerous?

I mixed and mixed that darn dough for half an hour. I wanted it to turn into an actual dough, not just a sticky, stretchy bowl of dough-type goo. Dorie's directions said to use a machine, but, not having one, I decided man power would suffice. And it did, eventually.

I like this bread. It's not too sweet, and would be great toasted with butter and jam. Great with coffee and tea. I'm not sure if I'll make it again though. It was a lot of work, and while it was great, I wasn't bowled over.


Kimberly Johnson said...

It sure looks delicious! Welcome to the TWD group. I would never tried this on my own if it weren't for this group!

Rebecca said...

Welcome to TWD! This is sooooo not what we typically do week after week. You got the trial by fire!

AmyRuth said...

Really looks pretty and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Toasted with jam was my fav too.