The other day I stumbled upon Slow Food USA's website and found the coolest thing - a list of endangered foods. Not just any endangered food, but that which is deemed tasty, tasty enough to keep around, at least by the determining that be powers at Slow Food. This Ark of Taste ( is pretty neat and allows all sorts of levels of advocation and engagment. For example, moved by the fact that Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce is endanger of being to a store to buy seeds or a produce market that sells it. It makes it simple. Which is necessary for people like me.

The thing that really makes me keep clicking on the links are the names...Early Blood Turnip-Rooted Beet...Roy's Calais flint corn...Geoduck...Elephant Heart Plum...Pixie Tangerine of Ojai Valley...Gallberry Honey...True Red Cranberry Bean...ah, beautiful.

I would like to see them arranged by state or geographic area. It would make things easier to find. But still, it's an awesome, inspirational movement.

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