Country Fried Tofu and Gravy with Veggies

I love getting tofu dishes at restaurants, but I haven't been too successful at home. I had country-fried tofu at a yummy veggie place in Atlanta (Veggieland). It was amazing! I decided to experiment and my version came out different, but very tasty.

First I drained the tofu and placed it between paper towels with a bowl on both sides, one on top to gently press down and one on the bottom to catch the drainage. I mixed up flour, salt, and pepper like my Grany does for real county-fried steak. Half of the tofu went into the dry mix and then in hot oil for a quick fry. For the second half, I added a lttle water and made a batter. I liked the first, dry batch.

I also fried some sans oil, in a nonstick pan. Oil was definitely better.

With those done, I made a simple white, milk gravy. Gravy I learned by watching. Flour, salt, and pepper in a pan. Stirring add oil. Stirring add milk and stir, stir, stir to avoid lumps. While the frying and gravy made this a rather heavy dish, it was delish!

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