twd: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys

Thanks to Mike of Ugly Food Dude for this week's TWD pick. Considering that he is one of the only guys on the TWD blogroll, I love it that he picked Thumbprints for Us Big Guys.

I'm not sure what thumbprints for little guys are like. I know people make them, sometimes around the holidays, but I've never been a big jam cookie person.

I used hazelnuts and blueberry jam. I was afraid the cookies wouldn't be sweet enough for me, but the powdered sugar and blueberry jam covered that alright. I ended up really liking the nutty cookie part, similar to shortbread.

Instead of using your thumb, Dorie's instructions say to use your pinkie or the end of a wooden spoon. I used my pinkie, and was happy the way the indentions grew in the oven. I wasn't happy though with the lopsided nature of most of them. I think I needed to make more uniform pinkie holes, straight down.

I have yet to conquer the art of pinkie hole making. Or taking good photos of food at night. Sometime, there's just no more daylight left. And then, we the sun is back, there's just no more cookies left. :)


Flourchild said...

Yum! I love blueberry, Im sure they tasted good with the cookie. Your cookies look so good.

Yippee for the sunshine!

Mary said...

I bet the blueberry jam was great! I ended up using the wooden spoon, but had to make the holes bigger to hold more lemon curd!

Jessica said...

I agree with you about taking pictures at night. My least favorite thing about blogging is chasing daylight for the pictures. At least the days are getting longer, right?

Your thumbprints look so tasty and I bet blueberry was so tasty in the center of these cookies.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Valerina said...

These cookies were difficult as far as making them uniform and even circled. Good call on the blueberry jam! :)

Katrina said...

I love that--to conquer the art of pinkie hole making! (I used the end of a wooden spoon and liked how that worked.)
I never can seem to get the pictures before nighttime either!

TeaLady said...

You are only the second one I found who used hazelnuts. And with blueberry jam, bet they were good.