Las Vegas: Brunch at Simon's

Being the oldest in my grade meant getting my driver's license first, turning 21 first, and....turning 30 first. Thankfully, I love birthdays and haven't hit an age that scares me yet. But it's a milestone birthday that must be celebrated, and celebrated well. So my high school crew and I decided to have a we're turning 30 bash in Las Vegas!

Thanks for storms in the mid-west, some of us had a few canceled flights and arrived a day late...and all the more ready for relaxation and fun! We stayed at Mandalay Bay, which was great. Lovely pools and a fake beach, a wave pool and a lazy river, were perfect for daytime catching up over Poolade (it's blue) and Pina Colodas. By the third morning, we needed a little something else so we headed over to Simon's for brunch.

This is Kerry Simon's, aka the Rock n Roll chef, restaurant. We were a bit embarrassed when he came to our table and it took a few minutes to realize who he was. Hey, after four nights in Vegas we were a little slow on the uptake. The brunch was amazing! We sit down and start and the next thing we know it's four hours later and we are the last ones in the place. The waiters didn't seem to mind, and came out and threw confetti on our table...confetti in the shape of men' But the sweetest ending was the plate of treats.

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