CNN's world's 50 most delicious foods: What? No kelewele?

I'm not sure how CNN came up with the world's 50 most delicious foods. I feel like I have a new favorite, most delicious food everytime I go to a new country or try a new ethnic restaurant. I am glad to see lots of Asian, including Thai and Indian, on the list. The way they use spices...they've got something there.

What's the food I really want to see on the list?
Kelewele = fried, spiced plantain

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When I was in Ghana, kelewele could be a whole dinner. By the time I got home with it, the newspaper it was wrapped in would be completely clear from the oil. That made me feel a little better about eating a deep-fried dinner - a little less fat and oil to eat! I've tried unsuccessfully to make it in the U.S. Perhaps it's time for another try!

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